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I’ve been using the 4GB / 64GB version of the ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 for about 4 months now. My this article comes out of my experience with the phone so far. As mentioned in one of my previous articles, no phone is perfect (probably because we humans are never satisfied or the manufacturers deliberately leave somethings out so that people keep buying their new products). While this is a pretty good phone, it too has it’s share of problems. Well, it varies from person to person too, because what’s a problem for me, may not be the same for you!!

So, without further ado and any essay type reviews, let me come straight to the points:

Who may buy:

  • Battery: This is the best thing about this phone. With mobile data, wifi, GPS always ON, lots of social media and news usage, but no games, it goes a complete day and some more. The 5000 mAh battery does this magic and packaged such efficiently that the phone doesn’t feel heavy. If battery backup time is important for you then you may buy it.
  • Near Stock Android: The near stock experience is really good, not much bloatware. Frequency of updates is also not bad. If you like clean android experience, you may buy it.
  • Dual 4G: If you use two 4G SIMs and for whatever reason want both SIMs to operate on 4G mode simultaneously (though no use in India as of now), this phone does that nicely. You can have a JIO and a Airtel 4g work in 4G mode simultaneously, however only one can be used for mobile internet at a time.

Who mayn’t buy:

  • Camera: It’s not really a problem for me as I’m no photography enthusiast. But I do notice grainy pictures in low light. Picture losing quality if zoomed in. No OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) that affects video quality. One of my friends who also bought the same phone after me, always keeps complaining about the camera quality compared to the Nexus phone he had before this. It stands nowhere against the camera of my LG G5 too, but the comparison is not fair as they belong to very different classes. But yes, some phones in the same price range as the ASUS have much better cameras. So if you’re too serious about camera, then this phone may not be for you.
  • Several Apps User: I have about 50 downloaded apps installed on my phone at all times for different pusposes. I use most of them with varying frequency. But, probably the 4GB RAM isn’t enough for many apps in memory and hence the phone lags often. I don’t have a 6GB RAM version to test, so can’t comment if that’s any better. So if you’re like me, have a lot of apps installed and use them quite often too, then the experience may not be good, at least with the 4GB RAM version.
  • Finger Print Scanner: This thing is a real pain in this phone. It sometimes takes irritatingly longer time to unlock the phone. I think it’s more of an issue with the software than the scanner hardware. If that’s correct, then not sure why ASUS is not fixing it for so long. It works but just takes longer times, if that’s irritating for you, then you may not want to buy this phone.

Should you decide to buy one, given below is an affiliate link to the product. If you buy through this link then I may get a small commission from the store.

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