I’ve been using Fimo for a long time now, so thought would share my experience which may help someone.

Overall this app looks like it works. However it always clocks somewhat lesser number of steps as compared to other similar apps, installed on the same device and covering exactly the same distance. My intention here is not to claim which is right and which isn’t, because I never got an opportunity to test the accuracy of the apps. So here I’ll just mention the pros and cons.




1. Fimo has a very simple interface.

2. It’s easy to install and get started.

3. Points get credited to your account as you keep clocking more and more steps.

4. It promises that you can redeem the accumulated points in its store to buy some articles for you, depending on how many points you have accumulated. It acts as a motivator to keep walking.


1. Fimo clocks less number of steps for the same distance, on the same phone, compared to most other apps I’ve used.

2. This is the biggest con of Fimo. It promises to deliver you the article that you choose by redeeming your accumulated points, but actually never delivers. Upon redemption I received a mail saying my order is placed and I’ll be informed when it’s dispatched, but it’s more than a month now and I’m still waiting. My emails to them went unanswered.


If you just like a simple app to track your steps, go for it. But if you’re using it in a hope to redeem your points for some goodies, then I’m so sorry to say, you maybe disappointed.

However, just to count steps there are many better apps available like Moves, Runtastic, Runkeeper etc.


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