This article is about advantages of drinking warm water. By warm I mean the hottest that one can drink. I’m sure many of us might have heard from many people that drinking warm water is very good for health, it helps in weight reduction, it reduces cholesterol, it resists cold and flu etc. In this write-up we’ll see how true they are and what evidences are available to make either case (advantage or no advantage) stronger.

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Generally drinking cold water gives immense satisfaction; probably because we’re habituated with that. But it has some bad effects too, like drinking cold water in cold weather generally increases the chance of getting cold which may then turn into flu. Cold water can affect people with some kind of allergies adversely.

So normally, the water at room temperature is considered the best. But some people do say that warm water is even better than that.

I’ve written something below on this topic, hope you’ll find it useful. I have also given below some internet links which are not of any news site, but are some reliable sites on the field of health and wellbeing. I think we can trust their reports, that’s why I’ve quoted them here.

  1. First link is here. As per the article and the research reports given in this link, there is no scientific proof regarding the benefits of drinking warm water; those assumed benefits are given below:
    1. Enhances digestive power: Warm water helps in faster digestion of food inside the stomach.
    2. Flushes out toxins: Warm water increases the temperature of the body, thereby making body sweat and hence toxins are flushed out via sweat.
    3. Helps in blood circulation: Warm water expands the arteries transporting blood and hence enhances blood circulation.
    4. Helps in weight reduction: It improves metabolism of the body and thereby helps in weight reduction.
    5. Reduces Pain: Drinking warm water helps in reducing body pains, just like warm water sponging reduces pain in case of sports injuries.
    6. Reduces effect of cold & flu: Drinking warm water dilutes the phlegm in the lungs so that it comes out easily.

You can find in the link given above that research has been done on some of the benefits mentioned above, but the reports are divided. While some agree some don’t.

  1. The second link is here. This is a research paper published in THE EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND MEDICAL RESEARCH. As per this paper drinking warm water is very good for health and it really provides the benefits listed in #1 above. This paper consists of 17 pages and it has a lot of details about this topic.

In my opinion, though the scientific research results are neither completely in favor nor against this practice, there is no harm in trying it. It can be tried for few months, depending upon how a person feels after that, he/she can decide on continuing (or discontinuing) it.

Hope you’ll like this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Why don’t you let me know your opinions via comments below? You may very well post in comments if you have any research reports, articles or evidences against/for this practice of drinking warm water.


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