I’m not very good at talking about myself, but I’ll give it a try.

I love sharing my thoughts and ideas with people, and there can be no better way than blogging to do that. That’s the reason behind the birth of this blog. I love speaking out my mind, verbally or in writing.

Besides I’m also an experienced professional with vast and diverse experience in technology, teaching, content writing, web designing, and whatnot. So blogging on the Internet becomes a natural choice for me and that too on different topics, I’m never confined to a particular niche.

I love electronic gadgets, Indian music, Lawn Tennis, driving, good food, reading good books, watching motivational videos on youtube and watching good movies to name a few. I love shopping online and I have a small Fashion store online at https://www.thecuratedstuff.com/ (It’ll help me if you buy some items there). I’ll share with you here when I get to see some exciting things about any of these topics.

I hope you will like the posts. I’ll feel good when my ideas / experiences / thoughts can be of any help to people in any way. However, due to the various fields I’m involved in I get very little time to write nowadays. Hence I invite guest writers too at times to write something interesting and useful for the readers. So, no matter who writes, I’ll always take care that it provides some value to the reader.

I can be contacted using Contact Me.

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