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What I ExpectedWhat I Found
Extremely fast network throughput, sites open in a flash, downloads take much lesser time than usualIt’s like any other good quality broadband service providers like ACT Fiber OR Airtel Broadband. At least I didn’t see much real life performance improvement. (My 40mbps ACT Fiber link gives me similar real life performance as 100mbps JIO Fiber)
Expected the Set Top Box to replace the regular DTH connection without any extra costNot really, may happen in future though. With the lowest plan (BRONZE) you don’t even get premium subscription to streaming apps like Hotstar, Sony Liv etc. You have to go for a minimum of SILVER plan to avail those subscriptions and also adequate amount of data.
Expected the land line phone to be working as well as BSNL and Airtel land line phones.It apparently doesn’t. 4 times out of 10 out going calls don’t go through giving only Beeps and for unknown reason. Incoming calls also don’t always come through. Also if you change the DNS server IP in the JIO router/modem to google DNS server or some other server of your choice, then the landline phone stops working.
The broadband plans are very cheapNope, they’re just as high or low as any other good quality Broadband service provider.
The bundled data in their plans are enoughNo, the quantity of data bundled in their basic plans are too less than similar plans of other providers. (ACT Fiber plan costs approx Rs 800 PM and provides 400GB data, but similar plan (Bronze) of JIO provides only 250GB). You may call out the bandwidth difference (40mbps vs 100mbps), tell me from your experience, does bandwidth really matter in real life performance for home use? I would say ‘no’, data throughput rate matters more than the bandwidth.

I’m not saying JIO is bad, after all it has many good things to offer too:

  • It offers an almost free land phone for domestic calls.
  • It offers great performance, though not “the best”.
  • No cable-cut issue in last 6 months.
  • Due to fiber the connectivity isn’t lost during a power failure in the area. Whereas network connectivity is lost for other providers who have network switches installed on top of the house and being supplied power from the house itself and don’t have strong battery backup.

Hope I’m being impartial and providing a fair review here. Please comment if you feel otherwise.

Update 1st Jun 2020:

Yesterday the climate was very windy and there were heavy rains. After all that stopped around 3pm I realized that both of my internet connections (ACT Fiber & JIO Fiber) had lost their connectivity. I’m writing about my experience of getting them fixed.

Logging a case:
  1. Opening a support request with ACT Fiber is a breeze. I just opened it’s app on my mobile phone, went to support, followed the relevant options there, it diagnosed something, and then the case got created.
  2. I spent about 15 minutes looking around the My JIO app for an option to log a case, but couldn’t find any. Finally called up their service desk number which got connected without any fuss. But the IVR menu is annoyingly lengthy. However once I reached the option to talk to an agent, it was smooth afterward. The agent had logged a case for me after asking me for my convenient time for an appointment with the field engineer.
After the case was logged:
  1. Got an SMS and an email from ACT Fiber with the service request number and telling me that the issue will be attended soon.
  2. Received similar SMS and email from JIO Fiber, the SMS contained the appointment details also which said the issue will be attended by a technician within 4 hours, which is a much better response IMHO.
Technician Response:
  1. In case of ACT Fiber, there was no other communication from them after the case was logged yesterday. Today at 9am in the morning I found the connection to be up and running. I also found an SMS in my mobile phone confirming that the problem has been resolved and service request is therefore being closed.
  2. The JIO technician called me within 30 minutes of logging the case and enquired if I’m available and he’ll be visiting within 1 hour. He reached my residence as agreed, inspected the equipment and the cables and told me that the issue is at their (JIO’s) end and hence he has alerted the respective teams and the issue will be fixed in an hour.

    I waited and waited, 4 hours passed and no change in the status of the issue. I called their help desk again at around 10pm and then I was told that the previous case was already closed by the technician. When I asked how someone can close a complaint without addressing the issue, as usual he assured me that it’ll be escalate and all that stuff of no use. Also he created another service request for me and assured me that it’ll be attended within 10am ~ 12noon the next day.

    Next day (today) a team of JIO techs reached my place, took about 2 hours and fixed the issue finally. There indeed was no issue with my JIO router or the cable, something was wrong with their box itself, which is installed on top of our building.
So what conclusion I draw from this episode:
  1. Neither of the ISPs are more reliable than the other. They may fail anytime like both of them did yesterday.
  2. Ease of logging a case is better in case of ACT due to the mobile app.
  3. But after logging a case ACT doesn’t provide you any info on when exactly it’ll be attended, so JIO does better in this scenario.
  4. The first JIO technician closed the case without verifying if the issue is resolved – that’s bad.
  5. Time taken to solve a real technical issue is high in case of JIO, they took about 2 hours to fix it after reaching our premises. But in case of ACT most of their problems are due to a hanged switch, so they just come reboot the switch and the issue gets fixed. However, the cases are not always the same so this point can’t really be used to compare them since both deploy different technologies.
  6. Frequency of problems: In last 6 months this is the first time I had an issue with JIO, but ACT suffers frequent loss of connectivity mostly due to switch hangs and loss of power if the power supply in the building fails. They batteries they install with their switches for power backup are brought dead.

I hope this will provide you with facts to help you with choosing your Internet Service Provider wisely.


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