Here is how we, some of the Odias (born in the Indian state of Odisha) living in Hyderabad, had been for a picnic on 31-Dec-2017 to bid farewell to 2017. This was actually a brainchild of the ladies in the group, we gents had just extended some helping hands.

As per picnic stands for “an excursion or outing in which the participants carry food with them and share a meal in the open air“. However, ours was slightly different. We carried raw food item with us to the venue (Gandipet Park, Near Osman Sagar Lake, Hyderabad, Map Here), cooked the food there before enjoying it in the open air.


There were around 30 of us including children. We had finished the shopping before hand, just hired an “auto rickshaw” to deliver the cooking utensils at the venue decided. Then we started off for the venue in our cars.

Here is a video of the last part of the onward journey:

We reached there around 10 am, bought entry ticket for the park, carried the materials to the spot that we had selected for our picnic inside the park. The ladies in the group swung into action, prepared tea quickly and served break fast to everyone in the group. Then started the work of the gents. It was decided earlier that in the picnic the gents would cook and the ladies and kids would spend time relaxing. However I won’t forget to mention that they didn’t just relax, they did help us, the gents whenever required. Just to mention, the break fast prepared by the ladies at home and carried to the venue, were just awesome, what wasn’t there!! They served us Puri, 2 types of curries along with it, Idli, chutney, Sandwiches, Pasta, Noodles and what not? The breakfast was indeed very exciting and it really got us into the picnic mood.

One of the friends in the group is a fantastic cook and a foodie; he took up almost the entire cooking process upon himself and worked tirelessly. Rest of us helped him as required. The menu had Rice, Dal, Tomato Khatta (a mostly sweet and slightly sour dish made with tomatoes, dates and raisins), Gobi Chilly and Chicken Kassa (Chicken curry with less and thick gravy). The dishes were awesome and everyone savoured them with delight.

The kids, whenever they got time were busy in playing Badminton, cricket or simple games that don’t need any equipment. There were games planned for the adults too, but had to be put aside due to lack of time. After enjoying the meals we had photo shoots, where everyone used their mobile phones to click pictures. Then we visited on foot the narrow bridge on the Osman Sagar lake. It was the sunset time and the sun going down in the far end of the lake into the horizon. The view was really scenic and below are some pics captured there using my mobile phone; they were eye candy.

Then we loaded the materials to be brought back on the cars and headed back. On reaching home we wished a very happy new year to each other and dispersed.

The entire day passed like a few moments, the kids still wanted to play more. Others though tired, were like really beaming the experience.

Hope your day was even better and the new year brings a lot of happiness, prosperity and peace in your lives.


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