Mother vs Father parenting: Who’s more important than the other?


I’m sure the title of this post is a bit controversial. This can create war in social media, but believe me, that statement I have only in the title of the post. Read through and I’m sure, you’ll realise that the essence of this post is impartial.

There is a reason why it takes two to be parents, direct or indirectly. Well, barring some micro organisms of course. Mother Nature has created men and women with many different qualities, so that they can induce those qualities into their children. The children become richer than their parents in terms of qualities due to this. This also helps the qualities to roll over generations; well, some of them.

I’m a son and a father too. I started realising the contributions of my father after becoming a father myself. My mother is no less for me either. The intention of writing this post is that the argument of who’s better, doesn’t even exist. Both are equally important and both have to play their roles to bring up their children as human beings.

Please see below image, that was forwarded by a friend. This image has the contributions of both parents listed side by side and this image triggered the thought in my mind to write this post.

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