How to import google contacts to a Nokia 230

How to import contacts from an Android smart phone to a Nokia 230 running S30 is what this article is about. This is actually very simple and straight forward and you don’t need any additional software or a PC to do this.

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Huge Population, the biggest problem of India

The huge and exploding population is the biggest problem of India, in my opinion. Let’s dig further into it. If we ask people randomly, some will say education, some other will say politics, communication, health related facilities and so on; the list could be endless. I’m sure some will say population too.

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My Favorite Playlist of Bollywood Songs – 01

  One of my favorite playlist of Bollywood songs. It contains many songs that were very popular during my college days. Many are even older. This playlist was created with just one intent; it shouldn’t bore any one. Neither too slow nor too fast. I hope everyone would enjoy most of it.

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Sketches by Deepika

Hi there, here is a slide show of the sketches made by a 7 year old. She enjoys sketching and I love her sketches. Hope it entertains you too. I like sketches, though I don’t have the art to do one myself, and probably that’s what enables me to appreciate those who do it. It’s a great stress buster and…

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