Android Software and its version history

Android software’s history doesn’t mean I’m going to write here a long and boring story about its history like in the school text books. My intention rather is to show you how different versions of it were named after popular deserts (sweet dishes).   Today android is the most popular software running on most of the smartphones.   You’ll also notice…

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Nice video about India

I’m sure you remember the dialogues of Mr Akshay Kumar in above scene in the Bollywood movie “Namaste London”. The facial expressions of the Englishman was worth watching. Now see another video below on the same topic; it asks people of other countries to see the positives of India too and not just be judgmental about the negatives.  However, they…

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Life & Society, Online Shopping

Diminishing edge of online shopping

Online shopping is probably losing its edge. In past few months you might have noticed the diminishing edge of the online shopping sites. I mean the rate at which discounts and offers normally churn out. Now a days even if they make big announcements and display flashy ads, the actual discounts are really not much to talk about.   As…

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Some of the faster songs of Jagjit Singh Ji

Well, not everyone enjoys most of Jagjit Ji’s songs, some people blindly tag all his songs as ‘Ghazals’ which they assume are very slow paced and based on ragas. But no, Jagjit Ji has gifted the world many gems and many of them are ‘geets’ and not ‘Ghazals’. He has given many lighter songs which anyone can enjoy.   In…

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